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Python Extension Modules
July 14, 202310 min read

Disclaimer: I am still exploring this space and might have interpreted few things wrongly here, hence I would advise readers to take it with…

Chain of Responsibility Design Pattern
August 15, 20215 min read

Chain of responsibility pattern is behavioural pattern from G.O.F book about design patterns, this pattern is very useful when you need to…

Functional Programming in Java 8, Part 2
March 14, 20219 min read

This post is in continuation with my last post, where we saw an example of builder pattern using Java 8 functional library, in this post I…

Functional Programming in Java 8, with Example(s)
February 15, 20218 min read

It has been almost 7 years since Oracle released Java 8, with it, they also released lambda expressions and Functional interfaces, which…